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Daily, we all experience constant constraints that don’t allow us to do the things we love. With so much on our plates, it is hard to find the time make even the most basic decisions. Once we do find the time, the information overload makes it near impossible to know if we are making the right decisions for ourselves and our loved ones. At Financial Strategies Group, we can help by taking one thing on the never-ending list of to do’s….planning for financial independence so that you will be able to do the things you WANT to do; whether it be spending time with your loved ones, jet setting around the world, or just spending time doing absolutely nothing. It is up to you.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to you. Helping you to live the life you want is what we do best.


There are no hidden fees or agendas. Helping you define and achieve your goals is our #1 objective.


We are not obligated to any product or service. Our recommendations are tailored to meet your goals and lifestyle needs.


We only recommend to others what we would do for ourselves.

Innovative Expertise

We provide advice and services based on clients needs, lifestyles and goals, using industry knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art technology.


This means that we are held at the highest standards and required to do what is best for our clients. Our recommendations are not self-servicing but always designed with the client in mind.

Comprehensive Planning

We look at the whole picture and consider our client’s relationship to money, their lifestyles and their financial objectives and provide personalized solutions to meet their needs.

How We Can Help

Whatever your goals might be, from planning for future generations, supporting charitable causes or traveling on that dream vacation, we help to make them a reality.

Investment Advisory Services

At Financial Strategies Group, we propose a diversified portfolio based on your goals, time horizon, cash requirements, and risk tolerance. We also assist with implementation at every stage of the investment process according to your needs. We then monitor your investments and recommend adjustments to keep the portfolios on target with set goals.

Income Tax Planning and Preparation

We believe that the importance of tax planning is not simply to ensure that tax payments are made accurately and on time, but to harmoniously manage all aspects of your finances to optimize tax savings. Income tax planning can be as simple as determining the appropriate amount to withhold, or as complicated as a multi-year plan using an itemized deduction plan or stock options planning.

Financial Independence

We focus on your financial independence planning rather than planning for a set retirement date. Once you achieve such independence, you then have the flexibility to decide whether to continue working at your current position or to explore other opportunities. This frees you to rethink retirement to satisfy your personal ambitions.

Asset Protection

The first step in asset protection is ensuring you have appropriate levels of coverage. We provide a Needs Analysis to identify deficiencies in your existing coverage. We then work with either your insurance professional or one of our preferred insurance consultants to recommend appropriate coverages.

For clients with more complex financial situations and assets, entity planning, such as trusts or family limited partnerships, can be useful. We will not only review appropriateness of such strategies but will also work with your attorney or refer you to one.

Estate Tax Planning

Planning for assets that will pass down to children, charities, and other beneficiaries requires strategic coordination to ensure tax efficiency. We can coordinate this process, from overseeing your estate plan to working with your attorney, to managing the completion of new beneficiary designations. Financial Strategies Group remains a partner with you as life changes occur, to modify estate plans as needed.

Financial Strategies Group does not receive referral fees from outside recommended professionals.

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