Do you have a minimum account size?

Our firm’s primary focus is on servicing accounts $500,000 and higher. However, we do offer programs for young investors and those who are just now beginning to save for retirement on a case-by-case basis. In these cases, we strongly recommend that the account owners make automatic (monthly, quarterly, or annually) deposits into their investment accounts.

Are you compensated by custodians, brokers, attorneys, or insurance agents?

No, we are completely independent from any other financial services firm, and we are not compensated by any custodian who we use or professional. We have several particularly effective relationships that provide excellent service and compelling pricing.

Does your fee only cover a certain number of meetings per year? Will I be billed extra for phone calls or additional meetings?

Our advisory fees cover everything. We have an open door policy that allows clients to schedule meetings and call with questions anytime, without incurring additional costs. We encourage our clients to stay in contact. Knowing our clients allows us to manage money effectively. By listening we understand their needs better, and when their situations change, the proper
financial investment adjustments are made. Also, standing quarterly or semiannual reviews work well for many clients.

How will my fee be determined?

Financial Planning fees will be agreed upon in writing and are based on the complexity of the work and your financial situation and goals. Investment Advisory fees are billed quarterly. They are calculated on the value and complexity of assets under management at the beginning of each quarter.